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Verena at the Glen’s member programs are daily experiences of involvement, fun and new connections. These programs are tailored around each members’ hobbies and interests, providing them the opportunity to continue to participate in activities they already love, or try something new and inspiring. Offering a variety of programs that touch on all dimensions of wellness — physical, mental, social and spiritual — is what our wellness philosophy is all about.
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Learning is a lifelong journey, full of revelations and surprises. Like any journey, it’s more enjoyable with an itinerary. Here’s some of what you can expect at our senior living community.

Tuesday Talks

We’re focused on becoming the area’s main resource for senior related topics in the greater Richmond VA area. Every Tuesday, we invite a presenter/scholar to talk to the group about their specialty. From Downsizing to What’s the Difference Between the Common Cold vs. the Flu, to Peripheral Neuropathy — and more. Verena at the Glen partners with local doctors, real estate agents and educators to present clear and concise information to the senior community.

Wrap Your Mind Around This?

Brain Health University programs that incorporate mind sharpening tools, games and puzzles are included on our monthly calendar at our senior living community .

Art & Music

Creating and enjoying art and music is an uplifting process that feeds the mind and the soul. We help seniors keep their love of this kind of stimulation going strong with diverse options that everyone can participate in.

Verena Ringers

Learn and delight in the art of hand bells and chimes with the Verena at the Glen Ringers. A local volunteer group is ready to show you how with weekly practices, and concerts twice a year that let you show off your musical skills.

Live Musical Performances

Verena gives multiple local musicians the stage throughout the month when they visit and play guitar, tambourine and piano while performing folk-inspired music and classical tunes.

Cultural Arts Center Productions

Take in live theater with Verena at the Glen and season tickets to Henrico County Theater’s seasonal plays presented at the Cultural Arts Center. September’s production was Driving Miss Daisy.


The quest for exploration is important and Verena at the Glen makes exploring easy with trips to interesting areas and events in the Richmond area, as well as our own special brand of excitement.

Field Day of the Past

This annual family-friendly event highlights steam engines, generators, train cars and Richmond VA memorabilia that are on display to let younger generations understand the everyday life of their predecessors. Machinery spans from the mid-1700s to the 1950s.

RVA Rocks Craft

If you’ve been on a walk recently at any nearby RVA park or surrounding areas, odds are you’ve seen painted rocks tucked away near tree trunks and bench legs. The newest fun Richmond activity is as simple as painting rocks and hiding them, or going on walks looking for rocks that others have hidden. Verena at the Glen hosted our very own RVA Rocks Craft. Twenty members painted RVA rocks and then hid them, so students in a local Home School chapter we partnered with could come and find them!

Soapbox Derby

The competition is spirited when handmade wooden cars are decorated by our members and then raced down the halls at Verena!


Getting together and sharing good times with friends is always something to look forward to. You’ll find many opportunities to socialize at Verena at the Glen.

Around the World

Explore some of the wonders from “Around the World” when Verena hosts monthly socials that let you savor things that different parts of the world have to offer. Our most recent exploration was inspired by everything Paris. It featured wine, cheeses, cream puffs, croissants and macarons. While we feasted, we treated our ears to Squeeze Play, an accordion and violin group that sings French classic and polka music!

Weekends at the Movies

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon features a variety of movies, from classics to new releases, that include comedies, dramas, musicals and action adventures. We also take requests, to make sure we’re showing what you want to watch. Recent requests include Brooklyn, Age of Adeline, Sound of Music, Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus.

Knitting Group

Socialize while you knit and purl at our biweekly knitters group. It’s a great way to share knitting patterns, discuss complex knitting patterns and have fun while you’re doing it.


Staying physically active is an important part of wellness at our Glen Allen independent living community. Verena at the Glen makes it easy and fun to stay fit, with a variety of classes and activities.

Yoga – Multiple Levels

Stand and Balance yoga classes are held every Tuesday, and Chair yoga classes — which are excellent for maintaining your balance and stability — meet every Wednesday.

Exercise Classes

This seated exercise class, great for enabling continued overall health and well-being for older adults, meets on Thursdays and Saturdays in our Fitness Center.

Corn Hole

This competitive lawn game lets players take turns throwing bags of corn (or bean bags) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. Two teams play against each other. Come join a team or cheer on the sidelines!

Wii Bowling

Strikes and spares still count in this online bowling game where players bowl virtually against other players for the win.

Silver Sneakers

This fitness program for older adults is helping millions of boomers and beyond defy odds, shatter stereotypes and answer every challenge with “I can do this!” Our certified instructor, Carrie Lewis, uses weights and cardio machines to teach resident fitness classes for all abilities. This exercise group meets every Monday.

Wellness Clinics

Two wellness groups visit on the first Thursday and third Wednesday of every month to do blood pressure checks, a six-point wellness check and other wellness checks, as requested.

Meditation Class

Group meditation and relaxation are the focus of this class, which includes creative calming though adult coloring with The New York Times best-selling Mandala coloring book.

Cards & Games

Playing for the win never goes out of style, and you’ll find a range of games that let you do just that, almost every day of the week!

Jeopardy Game

It’s that classic TV game show with a twist, where the answers are given and contestants must provide the correct questions to win.

Bridge Club

This club meets five days a week at 1:30 pm. Bridge, as you may know, is a trick-taking card game played by four players in two competing partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each other around a table.


This card game is a combination of Poker and Keno, and is very similar to the game of Bingo in several respects. Our Pokeno players get together every Thursday.

Pool Sharks & Beer Buds

Every Monday, members meet in the lobby for a round or two of pool! Hot pretzels and cold beer are served, and spectators watch in amazement as our Pools Sharks keep their billiard skills sharp.

Phase 10

This card game, which is similar to Rummy, is played by members on a weekly basis.


Because your spiritual fulfillment impacts your wellness, Verena at the Glen offers several ways for members to stay active in this area of their life.

Bible Study

A weekly non-denominational Bible study group open to all members.

Faith-based Groups, Worship & Mass

The second Tuesday of each month, a local Catholic church has Mass and Communion for members. In addition, each Sunday there are services provided by Pastor Allen.


Getting out and about adds spice to life, and Verena at the Glen has a variety of trips that let you regularly spice up your routine while you socialize, taste-test new restaurants and check out area museums.

Ladies’ Lunch Out

This social luncheon with our Activities Director, Diane Gray, lets members enjoy getting together for food and fun at new local restaurants every month.

Men’s Night Out

This social dinner is enjoyed by Bus Driver, Glen Lucy, and our members who want to do a little male bonding over dinner at a different local restaurant every month.

Museum Trips

Monthly museum outings are a great way to stretch your mind, and your legs! In September, Verena at the Glen visited Patrick Henry’s 18th century home. Mr. Henry, as you may recall, is best known for his “give me liberty or give me death” speech. During the tour of his home, the tour group discussed a more in-depth history of his life and contributions.

Shopping Trips

Twice a week — on Tuesdays and Fridays — we head to Kroger, Publix and Walmart shopping centers. Every Friday, we travel to any store requested by a resident that’s within a two-mile radius of Verena at the Glen.


We’re Here to Help!

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