Make wellness part of your life.

Enjoying a way of life that ensures both your body and mind stay healthy and active is what wellness is all about. Because wellness is key to helping you maintain who you are in retirement, at Verena at the Glen, our wellness philosophy makes it easy to explore a variety of ways to keep your mind, body and spirit engaged.

Our wellness philosophy starts with a focus on each member’s potential to achieve their goals through a personal wellness plan of engagement and connection. In addition to the many services and amenities of the retirement community, you’ll find this philosophy integrated throughout Verena at the Glen. That’s why, as a member of our Glen Allen senior living community, you’ll find there’s no shortage of activities, programs and ways to connect with others.

Your personal wellness plan can include:

Convenient on-site services encourage wellness.

As a Verena at the Glen member, you can take advantage of many services that encourage wellness, including a Wellness Clinic on the third Wednesday of each month provided through our partnership with Companion Extraordinaire. Companion Extraordinaire also offers screenings and appropriate referrals as needed.

This is a convenient way for you to take advantage of a monthly wellness checkup with a medical professional, at no cost to you. Another no-cost service for members is blood pressure screenings provided the first Thursday of every month by Southeastern Home Health Care Services.

Additional wellness support includes podiatry services; prescription delivery by Walgreen’s Pharmacy; flu shot clinics and periodic visits by a professional audiologist.


Our wellness philosophy starts with a focus on each member’s potential to achieve their personal goals. We’ll work with you to help incorporate physical activity and good nutrition into your daily life so you’re able to stay strong and flexible, while limiting illness and disability.


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